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Welcome to Kennis Zone. Your Reliable Recruitment Partner! Whether your are a company looking to hire top talent or an individual hunting for your dream job, Your search ends here!
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Recruitment Redefined

Working with a recruitment agency to deal with the whole recruitment process, whether you are a business or an individual, is the best decision which opens you to a world of benefits.

Save Time

A dedicated team with just one goal "satisfying your HR needs", means a quicker turnaround on filling vacancies.

Reduce Costs

Cut-down your HR budget. No other manpower or in-house resource that you need to dedicate to recruitment.

Increase Reach

Not all jobs are advertised, and not every prospect is actively searching for a new career. Our extensive database covers it all.

Access the Best

Gain access to Pre-screened and Validated, Top companies and Talent with our years of Industry Knowledge.


Many of the job positions with us are exclusive and candidates unavailable to the public.

Guidance and Support

Someone with your best interest at heart available throughout the hiring cycle and even after that.

How This Works

Here is just a brief general overview of how the hiring process actually takes place.

Companies Partner with us and share their HR needs

The best in business team up with us to recruit top talent for their companies. These strategic relationships ensure that unique jobs are available for unique talent at all times.

We Create a List of Open Job Positions

We review the individual HR requirements of each partner company and put together a list of specific job roles necessary to fulfill them.

We Hunt for Talent Required

We peruse our existing database at the same time work on expanding it by reaching out and adding new talent keeping in mind the requirements set forth.

We Match Talent with open Job Roles and Voila! HR Problems Solved

No more tons of random applications. We filter and shortlist real potential candidates by matching skills and experience with specific job requirements as well as employee expectations of company environment, salary and benefits.

Our Services


Mass Level Hiring at Junior Level based on pre-defined criteria

Executive Search

Limited Hiring at Mid to Senior Level based on pre-defined criteria

Head Hunting

Individual Specific Hiring


Complete HR Operations management of entire company

IT Recruitment

Specialized Recruitment for Software Companies

Special Project

Specific Project based recruitment

International Recruitment

Local and International Recruitment for Overseas companies


Development/Procurement, Deployment of HRMIS along with Staff Training

Training & Development

Workforce enhancement trainings for increased efficiency and productivity

Jobs in Sector

Although we have strategic HR partnerships with several companies in several industry sectors, but not all of them are looking to hire at all times. Here is a glance of sector-wise job positions currently on offer. 

Real Estate

Even if your sector or desired job position is currently not available, Connecting with us ensures your access to all future openings, which keep becoming available frequently.  

Our Simple
Straight-Forward Pricing

When you work with us, its like having a complete robust HR department working for you FULL TIME! This involves a lot of hard-work, time and resources. However, all you have to do is sign up with us and enjoy the rewards!

For Businesses

Every business has unique hiring needs, we offer tailor-made pricing plans based on specified requirements.

For Talent




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